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Aerolíneas que ofrecen vuelos a Estonia (EE) - búsqueda rápida y completa The check in Sgent was sour faced as well. Once aboard the plane a nice new aircraft we found the stewardesses sour faced as well. Overall not impressed by air Baltic! We seen other flights go out to the same destination before ours even though everyone should be delayed by the weather. Even flight taking off an hour after our scheduled flight got there a few hours earlier.

From Helsinki to Stockholm I missed my flight because we boarded late. Once in Stockholm I had to take two different planes for my destination and in result loosing time. Good value for money. Just about on time, 8 minutes late only. Boarding was very fast. Coffee serves for free. Great food, typically on time and very prompt. It was an older plane so the actual screens and monitors or outdated.

But that definitely left a lot of people dissatisfied with an overnight flight in which we are hoping to rest before arriving in Copenhagen. Seats are getting smaller and smaller. Spaces are very tight but that seems to be the norm with all airlines. Boarding, it was very chaotic.

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They had people paying for baggage fees at the gate and the credit card machines were not working. Flight was delayed four hours, and while that happens sometimes, what really upset me was the compete lack of help and competence from the staff. It seemed to me nobody knew what to do or what was going on. I tried to talk to three different desks and the cabin crew and nobody could help at all.

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El sistema de asignación aleatoria se asientos Vale q no se pueda elegir asientos, pero tampoco hace falta dispersar a las personas que cogen el billete juntas como era en nuestro caso. Very old plane with seatback screens or USB ports for charging. Good airline teamed up with crappy American brings them down. Don't waste money!!

Leg space is bigger then on other companies 2. Crew was really affable 3. Free wine. Meal was not too hearty. Breakfast in Indian style was too spicy for me. May be I should request a special meal on check-in. And one more thing, Helsinki airport is cold for me.

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I spent e hours in down vest. Be warned. They make you pay extra if you want to bring a musical instrument on board, even a violin which fits easily into the overhead bin. It is honestly discriminatory.

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Will not be flying with them again. They charged me 35 dollars to check in and the reason I did not check in was because their other flight was running late and was not sure I will make to that flight. It took forever to get bags in Riga.

In the empty flight the way they were seating people was crazy. I'm lifetime gold with American Airlines so I do fair share flying and can tell you it's not a good Airline. En este vuelo de 2h y 10 min, intentaron arreglar que no hubiese comida ofreciendo snacks y bebidas varias veces. Ryan Air had changed their baggage policy after we booked. Originally allowed one carry on and one personal bag. Now you have to purchase priority to take both. The transfer was a disaster.

We had to go through the security check even though the transfer was in the Schengen area and almost missed our connecting flight. The transfer was too complicated, long distance to walk, security check line, not enough time for transfer, had to run to catch the next flight. Flight was cheap and quick, absolutely nothing else to it. You fly Ryanair, you just go from A to B. Floor was an absolute mess!

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Fortunately it was just broken biscuits and not sick, but the mess wasn't appreciated. That makes me very annoyed. The seats are worn and creek with every movement.

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There is very limited leg room even for someone who is short. When the person in front of you leans back it is impossible to reach your hand baggage or do anything but lay back in your seat. The landing was safe but not at all comfortable. The passage through Riga airport was terrifying.

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We arrived from St. Petersburg 6. We explained at the checkpoint that we had a few minutes, but they controlled us several times until we had to throw several liquid items. In St. Petersburg they had already controlled us, without problems. In short: The plane we were supposed to be on from Riga to Helisinki had mechanical problems so they switched our plane.

We had an hour delay do to that. Clase de cabina y viajeros 1 adulto, Económica. Buscar vuelos. Aerolíneas con vuelos de México a Estonia. Vuelos directos desde México No hay ninguna aerolínea con vuelos directos de México a Estonia. Principales aerolíneas con vuelos a Estonia: Aerolíneas con vuelos a Estonia por ciudad. Consulta también Aerolíneas con vuelos a Europa. Sitios internacionales. Aerolíneas con vuelos a Tallin. Aerolíneas con vuelos a Kuressaare. Aerolíneas con vuelos a Tartu. Aerolíneas con vuelos a Kärdla. Aerolíneas con vuelos a España. Aerolíneas con vuelos a Reino Unido.

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